Monday, 23 June 2014

How to style read more button in blogger blog

Blogging is always a good activity for bloggers. While writing post you must have noticed a insert jump break option in the blogger post editor. It adds a jump break in your post which mean the data before the jump break will be shown on homepage and after clicking the read more button, a separate page of that post will open and the full post will appear in i

Sunday, 15 June 2014

How to remove powered by attribution in blogger blog

Blogger has been a very famous and easy to use platform for bloggers. It provides you with many features in it like contact form, HTML/JavaScript widget, etc. You must have noticed at the end of the blog there is a statement by default which says something like "Powered by Blogger" this is called attribution. But if you go to layout you will see

Friday, 13 June 2014

How to disable right click in blog or website


Blogger o webmaster are always in search of widgets to make their blog or website look awesome but although good look is important for website but security is also important , If you don't want visitors to be able to access the context menu that is right click in your blog or website because there are some features in right click which you might want to be disabled for visitors lik

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Tips to improve computer speed (in detail)

Computer is very useful these days and specially from past few years because it does the work of storing data , office work and all that very nicely and swiftly. But some times if you are working on some important files or data and suddenly your computer starts slowing, freezing and after some times of slowing it hangs !!  If this happens with anyone then that person will be angry for sure so to

Saturday, 7 June 2014

How to bypass youtube regional filtering

At some times it is very irritating that when you find a good video after a lot of search in google or youtube that the video is not available to play in your region due to some reasons. This is called youtube regional filtering but at times you might want to watch that video

3 apps to schedule twitter tweets

Tweets are likes short posts in twitter they are of only 140 characters limited but
sometime a lot useful. In facebook there is an inbuild option which allows you schedule
your post to any future time,

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Making a password protected folder

Password now is an essential feature or you can say a function in nowadays technology , because to protect your data you need some security so here is a post on how to make a password protected folder

How to speed up your computer using a simple notepad trick

This is a simple notepad trick or you can say a basic hack to speed up your computer a bit so that your working of your computer like processing, opening of applications,etc will be fast and also the phenomenon of hanging of computer will be a little less than it is in present.

How to make a fake error

In this post will found about a interesting and funny trick to make a fake error in your computer just using some easy code in notepad.

How to make a invisible folder in windows xp

In this trick you will learn how to create a invisible folder in windows xp with some simple steps. by hiding folder you can also hide the files inside it from anyone else that you so you can protect your data

Monday, 2 June 2014

Exporting facebook calender to your computer

In this trick you will find out how to export facebook calender to your computer with some simple steps shown below:

How to insert you profile picture in facebook chat

In this trick you will know how to insert your anyone's profile picture while chating in facebook chat

Sunday, 1 June 2014

A tricky desktop

Desktop is a very useful thing, feature or function because it contains all the shortcuts and icons that you have added in your desktop, so it is easy to open that file,folder, software, etc easily in a short time This is a very funny and very tricky desktop trick, in this trick what will happen is that none of the icons that are available in your desktop will work that is they will not open !! So lets see how to do that with help of the steps given below :

Notepad trick

In this post you will a simple notepad trick in which if you write a word it does not appears but something appears instead of it

How to change text into voice

The title is quite interesting "how to change text into voice" there are many software know as text to voice engine available to this work but we will do it without that softwares !!

How to create a shortcut of facebook on desktop

In the earlier trick you learnt how to create a desktop shortcut of shutdown option, but here is another trick related to that one that is how to create a shortcut of facebook on desktop

How to create a shortcut of shutdown button on desktop

Shutdown option we all know used to shutdown computer is available in start menu and it is daily that you turn on computer and turn off from that shutdown option in start menu but for change we have here a trick to create a shortcut of shutdown button on desktop.

How to create your own google chrome theme

In this trick you will learn to create your own google chrome theme so that you can customize your google chrome as you want