Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How to know if its the time to buy a new computer

New computer and laptops are coming up nowadays. They have good speed , new technology with high performance, RAM , new graphics, big storage space, resolution,etc. But you should know whether its time to buy a new PC. To find this you
should know about some of the indicators as shown in this post. So here we go :

It takes a lot of time to start and process

when you buy a new computer, it generally starts up too quick. But as it become older and older , you may get a experience that your PC is taking much more time to boot as compared to earlier times. This happens in many cases. As you use your computer, there are some hardware and small devices inside your computer that loose their original power.

You can't get the latest OS and softwares

Now if you are a tech geek and you install a lot softwares in your PC may be for professional use like sony vegas, adobe photoshop etc and etc. Then you need good RAM, graphic card, good processor, etc for it. If you dont have these specifications then those softwares might give you poor performance. At the same time operating system is something that should be the latest one because people want to use new interface with improved features , high speed and acurate performance ,etc. So if you are unable to get the latest software and OS then you can get a new PC but if there are minor problem you can upgrade some parts.

Do you invest a lot in repairing your computer ?

When your PC gets old, you might spend a lot of money on repairing it. But be clever. You should be practical. You should know how much you should spend on repairing. But ask your self, How many have you spend on repairing your  PC till now ? Is it too much ? Is it ok ? And you will yourself get the answer whether you need a new PC or not. If you feel that your computer is coming up with new problems very frequently then it means that your computer's parts are getting very old and are lossing their power and compatibility.

It hangs up too often and has become noisy

Well a user may feel very angry if his or her computer hangs specially when someone is doing a lot important work and he or she hasn't saved it. Sometimes if you are playing music or playing games then your computer might get hanged may be because the computer is not capable of running that process. At that time a sound may keep playing monotonously and its really really irritating. Sometimes your RAM might produce some sound, or your system may get heated up very quickly and you could hear different sounds.

Financial State

If you come up with the idea that you can get a new computer then you should consider whether you are financially ready to buy a new computer. May be more than a computer you might be in need of something very crucial for your life may be a house or a vehicle ,etc. So you need to plan whats more important. To which thing you should give more priority and to which one less priority.