Saturday, 20 June 2015

How to remove locked widgets from blogger

when you download a theme for your blog from any other website, then it has some widgets which are already available in the layout in its theme. If you try to remove them , some of them may be locked , so you may not be able to remove it. But there are certain widgets which ought to be removed from a
blog's layout. In such a case it is very necessary to remove the locked widgets from blogger. So here is a post to help you on how to remove widgets from blogger.

How to know whether a widget is locked or not ?

First there is a need to check where a widget it locked or not, so follow the below steps to do so :

  1. Open your blog's layout.

  2. Click on any widget , which you want to know is locked or unlocked.
  3. At the bottom of the box that appears, there will be a option to save the changes, and if there is a option of "remove" on its side then it is unlocked else it is locked.

How to remove locked widgets

Now once you know whether a widget is locked or not, it is time to remove that locked widget.
  1. Open your blog in blogger and click layout on the left side.

  2. Layout of the blog will open.
  3. Click on edit under the widget which you want to remove.
  4. A box to edit the widget will open.
  5. In that box , look at the URL (in the address box of your web browser) and in the URL find something "widgetid=" and then copy the text in front of "widgetid =" (that is the id of the widget).

  6. In the left side of blogger , click on template and click on edit html.

  7. The template editor will open. In template edit keep your cursor and press CTRL + F.
  8. A search box will appear and in that paste the widget id that you copied and then press enter key.
  9. You will find a code line with that widget. it will be something like as shown in the image below.
  10. In that change locked = 'true' to locked = 'false'. and save the template.

  11. Now go to layout and click edit under the widget and then remove option will open at there and then click on remove to remove the locked widget. Now save the layout.