Monday, 1 June 2015

How to remove background noises from a recording for tutorials

There are many people who create video tutorials for different purposes like compute , educational purpose ,etc . So most of the videos have recorded voice for tutorials which at the time of editing people add to the video. But while recording audio there are many things in your background that makes noise for example fan , cooler, insects, air also,etc. So these noises should be removed in order to
make video tutorial much better. So this is a tutorial on how to remove background noises from a recording for tutorials.

  1. First of all record the voice for your tutorials and save it. But while recording make sure that before you start saying anything in your mike , just wait for 6 - 8 seconds and let the mike record the background noises itself. Then start recording with your voice.
  2. Download and install audacity software , if you don't have it in your computer.
  3. Open audacity , click on file option, point on import and then click on audio.
  4. A box will appear , open your recorded file in audacity in it. Then your recording will open in it.

  5. select the first few 6-8 seconds of your recording that you left empty earlier while recording your voice  (in step 1).

  6. Click on effects menu and under it click on noise removal. A noise removal box opens. Click on get noise profile in it.

  7. Then select the whole recording (To do so place the cursor inside the audio clip and press CTRL + A).

  8. Click on effects option and then noise removal under it.
  9. In the box that appears change "noise reduction" to around 23 , "sensitivity" to -3 and "frequency smoothing" to 300.

  10. Click on preview, to check if noise has been removed, if it has been removed then click ok or else if it has not been removed then adjust the above settings (in step 9) to remove noise and then click on ok.

  11. Then save the audio by going to file menu and clicking on export audio option.