Tuesday, 9 June 2015

6 great features expected in windows 10

Operating systems after operating systems. Microsoft has reached till windows 8.1 and now it has developed windows 10 . Technical previews have been launched. Many changes have been made in windows 10 as compared to windows 8.1 to make it better. Windows 10 can give a better experience to users as
compared to windows 8.1 and earlier versions. So what are the new features in windows 10. We need to know , in case we need to upgrade to windows 10. So here is a post on 6 great features expected in windows 10.

Continum - the best

This is the best feature which windows 10 is going to have and it is quite impressive. This feature is generally for those people who uses 2 in 1 devices. For example nowadays , 2 in 1 tablet pc that is tablet as well as pc (laptop) is available in 1 device. If one is using tablet pc in laptop mode then windows 10 will be able to recognise it and use windows 10 mode which is compatible with laptop but when the user switches to tablet then windows 10 will be able to recognise it instantly and it will change to windows 10 mode for tablet and this will help users to operate the tablet or laptop more gracefully.

cortana - a voice assistant

yeah, this is something really really interesting. This is a step towards the generation of computers in which voice will do all the functions and may be there will no need of buttons. But windows 10 describes this cortana as a voice assistant. cortana is at the top of the search on taskbar of windows 10. You can type to cortana to ask about things you want it to remind you or to search for something on web.

Start menu is back

After a lot of users were unsatisfied with windows 8 because the start menu was unavailable in windows 8 , windows 10 is expected to launch with the start menu. However the start menu is going to be a different from the previous start menus in windows 7 or xp or vista. As windows 8 users were forced to download a start menu from internet , windows 10 will have a mixture of simple start menu as well as metro apps. The start menu will have a simple start menu in left , followed by some metro apps in the right. This start menu is expected to give a better experience than the old start menus.

Virtual desktops

Yes you read it write. We all have experienced multi-tasking from about a decade in different operating systems. But for the very first time microsoft introduces the concept of multiple desktops.
users will be able to switch between multiple desktops with task view as it is expected. The windows 10 preview shows that you can easily manage different desktops and can even add more desktops with help of task view. However a lot of number of desktop can cause some freezing problem.
So there may or may not be limitation on number of desktops.

The snap assist feature has got better

the snap assist feature which was introduced has aero snap in windows 7 has got a bit better. It will give a better experience and a better way to snap apps. In the technical preview of windows 10, whenever a user snaps one app , then on the other side thumbnails of the opened apps appears. So you can choose any of the apps from them to snap them on the side of the first app that you snapped. This feature is a lot helpful when you are checking 2 documents for some similarities or corrections. With snap , a vertical snap is also expected in windows 10 .  so you can choose how to snap apps whether vertically or horizontally according to your preference.

The command prompt is new

Whenever we say command prompt , it was referred as the classic software because none of the shortcuts were working in it. Like mostly people use CTRL + V for paste , but in command prompt there was a need to right click and then click paste to do the same. This always used to upset a lot of users who were accustomed to shortcut keys. But after a lot of updates of windows and after windows 8 , finally windows 10 will have a new command prompt in which shortcuts will work out . Isn't it nice ?

That's it

These were some of the windows 10 feature which are expected to be seem in windows 10 .
but windows 10 is still to be released. It will be released on 29 th july. So let us see what is new in windows 10.