Friday, 22 May 2015

How to transfer contacts from nokia phone to android

 Phones and contacts have changed our lifestyle , we cannot live without both of them. Youngsters takes up new phones as they found change in tech. They stick to the latest technology. While changing phone, people worry about contacts , instead of manually copying the contacts one by one there are some simple methods which can be used to transfer contacts
between phones. So this post is about how to transfer contacts from nokia phone to android. Below given are 2 methods to transfer contacts from nokia phone to android.

Method 1 - business card transfer method

  1. In your nokia phone click on contacts to open your contact list.
  2. Click options in the contact list.

  3. Find mark option in the options of contacts. In marking options click on mark or mark all.
    if you want to mark some selected contacts then click mark option and select contacts one by one. If you want to select all contact then click on mark all.

  4. again click on options and find a business card option. click on it.

  5. It will ask you how to send the business card, select bluetooth option. And make sure bluetooth on your android phone is one.

  6. Wait till you receive the business card in your android mobile.

  7. Then in your android phone open contacts, click on options in it.

  8. Then click on import/export option in it.
  9. Choose phone memory to import contacts and the select the business card which you received in your android from nokia via bluetooth.

  10. Wait till the contacts are imported and when it is done, the contacts will be transfered.

Method 2 : using nokia pc suite and google contacts

  1. Download nokia pc suite, if you don't have it in your computer.
  2. install and then open nokia pc suite.
  3. In the left side of nokia pc suite, click on the option "click here to connect a phone".
  4. A "welcome to get connected wizard will open" click next in it.
  5. Select the type of connect in the next windows, that is select  cable connection and then connect your nokia phone to computer via data cable. Then click next in nokia pc suite windows.

  6. It will detect your mobile in some time (a option may or may not come in your nokia phone after connecting to pc, select pc suite in it.), after it is done click contacts icon in nokia pc suite.

  7. A list of contacts in you nokia phone will appear in it, select all the contacts that you want to send to android. Then click on file menu and then export option.

  8. A box will open, give a name to your file and in save as type select .csv and then save the file in your computer.
  9. Then login to your gmail account in your computer and then when you login in, click on gmail on the left side and click contacts. a page will load.
  10. google contacts will open , on the left side click on more and then click on import (it will ask you to go to old google contacts to import, so go).

  11. In the page that will open click import on left side. chose the csv file that you save using nokia pc suite and upload it.
  12. Then in your android phone go to contacts > options > import.
  13. under import select google contact, then login in to the gmail account where you have uploaded your csv contacts.

  14. Wait till it sync and your contacts will be transferred in to your android.