Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How to add subtitles to movie

Many people like to watch english movies. People download torrents of such english movies from various torrent sites. but while watching english movies sometimes there are some words which we are unable to listen and understand what the words are. So in that case if you are unable to understand few sentences then may be you will not understand the whole movie. So subtitles are necessary at that time. But some  movies do not have subtitles , or if they have they are in some other language. So here is how to add subtitles to movie.

  1. Download the movie , for which you want subtitles.

  2. Go to any one of the site given below.
  3. search for the movie for which you want subtitles. Download the subtitles (it must be a .srt file.). If you can't find subtitles for your movie in one site then try the other sites too.
  4. Open VLC media player.
  5. Click media > open file and a box will appear select your movie in that box and open it.

  6. Click the play button and then pause it.

  7. Click on subtitle and then add subtitle file. A box will appear select the downloaded subtitles .srt file and open it.

  8. Then play the movie and the subtitles will be there in the movie.