Thursday, 26 March 2015

How to boost your wifi signal

Router is one of the best invention of technology, it helps you to amplify your signals . so you can access internet within a certain range of network At starting the wifi is good. however if your wifi is not maintained properly or not positioned properly then it may affect its range and the power as it had earlier. It is necessary that as soon as you buy wifi you should make sure you have done all the correct steps in setting it up so that you can enjoy the best use , access and range of network.

Correct positioning of router

You cannot place your router wherever you want, but you need to place it in such a location where it is the centre of your house so that all the places in your house can be able to access internet. It should be placed away from equipments like TV, microwave,etc . As these equipments emits waves it can interfere the waves of your router and hence weaken it. Also make sure your router is above the ground, do not place it on the floor. There should not be any obstacle between the router and its signal.

Maintain security

If your router has a password, then its really very easy to get it hacked, so it is better that you make sure that no one else is using your wifi. Because if anyone else uses then you may experience slow internet speed or sometimes you may not be able to access internet. To fix this issue you can get a router which is in a limited range like that of only your house's range or bit more than it. If you experience low internet speed or unable to access internet then there may be chances of you wifi being used by someone else, but however sometimes it may be network issue.

Bandwidth hogging apps

It is generally seen that if you have a router then you may use multiple devices from it. If you play a lot of games on internet, video, chats, audio,etc then it may hog your bandwidth and it will make your internet slower than earlier. SO you just have to make sure that your internet bandwidth is all right.

Reboot or restore and check if it is heating

If you are still unable to get your wifi signal boosted then another method to try on is the reboot your wifi and then restore it to the factory settings. This can help one to restore the power, functions, and the signal of wifi. Heating is one of the thing that is mostly responsible for various physical damages caused to instruments, it may me possible that due to heating the router may not be working properly. So make sure that it is in a place which can keep it moderate in temperature.

Latest wifi technology

If none of the above things help you in improving the wifi signal then you can try and just get the latest version or latest wifi technology available in the market. Because as technology advances it enables you to have better gadgets which leads to better functioning of the system. So  day by day wifi range may increase and may also become powerful. So a good router may help you in boosting your wifi signal