Monday, 30 March 2015

7 must have android apps

Android has become the necessity of the world it is just a mini computer in hands of a person. Everything can be done from it like net banking shopping . Even i blog from android sometimes. So while doing these things we need various apps that are very useful as they make difficult work easier and also work better than its website. So below is a list of top 10 android apps one must have

clean master

It is a cleaner for your android phone like a c cleaner for windows. It is very useful, it monitors the storage of your device and the RAM used. It also informs you about any harm that your android phone is suffering from or may suffer in future. It also helps one in boosting, scanning,uninstalling apps,manage junk files with help of phone boost,antivirus, app manager,junk files respectively.


Facebook has become a necessity nowadays but when you browse facebook from net you will see that it takes too long to function . So for androids a facebook app has been made available which is fast and smooth. Once you logg in it you dont need to login next time . It allows you to enjoy functions of fb website quickly.


Whatsap is a good messenger and is better than any other messaging app in your mobile. It does nit require any other additional money to function instead it only uses up your internet. One can send photos,text, videos,audio,location, maps,etc to other people at no cost but just with use of internet.


Just like whatsapp skype is a messenget instead it is a video messenger. It allows one to share data,make calls and video calls at nab cost as it uses up internet. You can also make calls allover the world but all these works only if you as well as the other to whom you are calling must have skype installed.


Youtube can also be accessed in android from website but you may  feel it very slower, so thats why the youtube app is prefered more than than that if the website. It is fast and alliws you multitasking as while watching a video you can also search for other videos.

Google translate

when you move from one place to other language may be a barrier. So you can use google translate. It supports 90 can teanslate from voice, camera,text,handriting. The app is fast and responsive. Once you download the app along with language packs then you can use it offline too.


facebook and twitter are both widely used social sites. Like fb twitter app is also preferred much than its website. The app is fast, allows doing all the things you can do on website , it also keeps you logged in. Most of the people have rated it 5 stars on google play due to its ease of use.