Tuesday, 6 January 2015

How to change colour of folder

Everyday you open your computer you see the same desktop and the folder icons at there and might sometime bore you. So what if you want to have some new change in this thing . This can be done by changing the color of the folder
. If you have some colorful icon it looks good. So here is a post on how to change colour of folder. Its very easy.

  1. Download folder colorizer
  2. Install it, its very easy (take help from the screenshots below)

  3. Now right click on folder whose colour you want to change , point on colorizer and click on whatever colour you want.

  4. Then the colour of that folder will be changed and dialog box as in below image will appear.
  5. If you want to tweet you can tweet else close it.

  6. You can change colour any number of time you want.


Restore original color

  1. In case you want to change the colour to original one , then right click on it
  2. Point to colorizer and click on restore original color option.

  3. Then the color will be restored to original.