Saturday, 3 January 2015

9 softwares you must install in your new computer

  It is very often to see that when you get a new pc it is having very basic softwares such as windows media player, internet explorer,etc . This software works but however these are basic software but we need good softwares that are very useful such as media player that can play maximum types of audio and video file formats, a web browser that runs fast an

d is responsive, a updater which keeps your computer up to date with all the latest softwares available on internet or in the market. So for all these things you need softwares in your new computer so here is a post about 10 softwares you must install in your new computer.

  1. Antivirus Program

    A antivirus program is very necessary in your new PC to protect it from all the viruses. Because nowadays viruses have increased so much, whenever you download anything from internet such as softwares, games then there are chances of virus spreading in your computer. SO it is better to have a antivirus program before your PC rather new PC get affected due to virus.Bit defender has been ranked as best antivirus of 2015. However it is your choice depended upon your use of PC that which AV Program you want.
  2. C cleaner

    After you make sure that virus does not enter your  new PC , we come to the second thing that is keeping your computer away from temporary files, and other unused internet temporary files. Because when temporary files increases on  a PC , what it does is takes up or uses up your PC's HD space which may affect your PC speed and if the temporary files in your computer are in a large amount then you may experience hangs a lot. So using c cleaner helps in deleting all the temporary files of your computer safely without harming the system files.
  3. Defraggler

    Defragmentation is very important in any PC after certain time intervals in order to keep your original PC speed as it is , else your computer may slow down. Most defrag tools allows you to defrag only drives but this degrag tool by piriorm which is know as Defraggler allows you to defrag specific file, folder or even whole drive if needed. It is a safe way of defragment which has no harm on your PC.
  4. Adobe Reader

    Adobe reader is one of the great softwares offered by adobe which is used to open PDF files. It is a very easy to use software . And thus is also one of the most used software worldwide for opening PDF files. It allows conversion of PDF files into Microsoft Word files . Thus making it easier to convert PDF files into Word files.
  5. Speccy

    When you bur new computer you often ask the dealer many things like DVD writer, Motherboard, Sound card, Video card, graphics etc . So this software Speccy again developed by Piriform allows you to find all the required and useful information about your new PC starting from graphics and sound to temperature and storage of your PC.
  6. Web browser

    A web browse is very important for surfing internet. However for windows microsoft  there is already a web browser know as Internet explorer but however some users do not satisfy with it and sometimes complain that it is slow, hangs,etc So we need some good web browser in a new PC to make internet surfing pleasant. It is good to use either chrome or firefox as your web browser. It is easy to use and fast.
  7. VLC media player

    A media player is very necessary to play audio and video in your PC. So we need all in one media player that can play all types of media files including media files of different formats or codec. There are many media player available but however VLC media player is very good one , which plays maximum video and audio formats with a great ease.
  8. Recuva

    Here is another great software by piriform. Its very very useful. We download or copy and paste a lot things from pendrive or CDS or internet and when the file is of no use then we delet it and sometime we also delete it from recycle bin . But if we delete important files then we regret later. So this software Recuva helps in recovery of deleted files.
  9. Compression software

    Nowadays everything that we get from internet or from market it is in compressed form. Then are compressed in various formats but mostly they are compressed in 2 formats that are .rar and .zip . To open such types of files you need compression software and also to compress files in such formats you need compression software. So the 2 most useful compression softwares are winrar and 7-zip softwares.