Thursday, 15 January 2015

7 essential tips for newbie bloggers

Blogging is more than fun and time pass and also a profession for some bloggers. Bloggers enjoy their work very much. Blogging is increasing nowadays as a profession and as well as a hobby. Everyday many new bloggers start blogging. But many of them as they are new make many mistakes and need some guidance or basic tips to get started. So th
is post is for all the new bloggers or the people that want to become blogger in future, this post tells to you the 7 essential tips for new or newbie bloggers.

Post often

Quite easy to understand ! The most important tip for the new bloggers is that they make sure that they should post often so that audience that are the readers should return to your blog in search of new posts and updates else your blogger readers will decrease that is its visitors will decrease. Which is not a good thing. If you are enable to post often then what you should do is make use of schedule option in blogger. So whenever you get enough time write 3 or 4 or more posts and the schedule them. This will help you.

Post effective

Posting all your blogger posts often is not the only thing you need to check out . But here is another factor while posting posts that is effective posting. Whatever you write should be good and not silly things. The readers should understand what you want to say clearly . This is all because once your first time visitor comes then he should have a good impression of your blog, so that next time in future he should be willing to return to your blog and if that reader likes your blog then he/she may also tell others about your blog.

Protect your blog's content

When your blog starts becoming famous and gains a good number of views and also has nice posts or content then some people tries to use posts or content of your blog on their website, so you should protect your blog's content. It can be done in many ways. If your add any image on your blog then add a watermark to your image, if you are adding songs to your blog then make sure to add a watermark to it too. Check out how to disable text selection in blog and how to diable right click in your blog , which will help in protection of your blog's content.

Use graphics

Whenever people read some post in any blog or website , then expect to have some pictures or videos in the post which makes content easy to understand and makes your audience that are the readers of your blog post happy. A picture is worth 1000 words and A video is worth 1000 pictures. It is not possible to put a video for every post (I agree !!), so whenever you have long or a bit complex post then you should have videos. However every post must have pictures which is very easy to get either create your own or get from internet.


I know its a bit complex topic for the new bloggers but still i personally think that new bloggers must know a little about this for future use.Slow blogs or websites annoys the visitors so its better to keep your blog fast by optimizing. Blog can be optimised using several ways like using optimised images and videos in blog , reducing unnecessary HTML,putting JS at bottom, etc.

Social Presence of blog

On Web when the word Social comes people think of Facebook, Twitter, Google plus,etc . Well thats what is another tips for new blogger. There are a lot of really a lot of users on social sites so if you post updates of your site in social sites then people can get attracted to your blog or site for the post. Also you should add various plugins of these social sites to your blog or site from where people can check your blog on social sites and vice versa. I don't think you need a lot of explanation about this lets move on !

Give credits when needed

Many people think that they will copy from someone else's blog and no one will know that you have copied from someone's blog. But it is not like that. if you use anyone else's content in your blog and the reader comes to know about it, then instead of your blog he/she will go to that blog/site. So whenever you take help of any information or post from any other source such as wikipedia then you should mention below it the source.