Saturday, 24 January 2015

5 myths about computer

Myth is something which people think are correct but are not correct. Myths are in each and every thing, starting from health to technology myths are available in each and every field. But sometimes people those who follow these myths are doing something that is of no use. So when it comes about Computer myths, there are a lot !! But the 5 most popular myth which most of the computer users have are listed below. Along with it the correct facts are also listed below the myths. So if you to have any of the myth below then stop thinking it as correct and check out the real fact behind that myth.

Myth 1 - Mac is not vulnerable to viruses

Mac is one of the popular operating system among computer users along with windows users. Windows users know that their compute gets affected by viruses, but however i have noticed that many people who did not or even if they use mac believe that mac OS are virus free. But that is not the thing, because it is also vulnerable to viruses . So mac users or any one else should stop thinking that macs are virus free and they don't need any protection by antivirus. So get a antivirus for your Mac OS.

Myth 2 -Magnet can destroy data

So can magnet really destroy the data of any storage devices ? Well the answers got to be NO because nowadays technology is changing and the storage devices are also getting advanced like HD drives, SD, Memory card, Pen drive,etc . So these advanced storage devices does not allows a magnet to ruin all the data that you have collected since a long time. So people who have this myth often say that sometimes technician use magnet to destroy their data, but it is very very false. However outdated storage devices such as floppy disk are very vulnerable to lost of data due to magnets,

Myth 3 -I don't have any important data, for the hacker to hack

This one is very very common among people. They think they are common people who just use computer for entertainment or office work or any other work, so they don't have any data to be hacked by hacker. But get out of this myth everyone. Because hacker want to hack data, but it is not always that they want only data, sometimes they may also want to get access the your wifi for free, get their data stored in your computer's storage space. So you should stop thinking that your account is not worth hacking, but instead try to make your account security the best possible.

Myth 4 -Incongnito mode protects privacy

Yes it protects your privacy but in a very limited manner. It protects your privacy from other people who use your computer. However it does not protects your privacy from the world that is from the world of internet. Google answered an FAQ about this Incongnito mode and said that the sites that the user visit may still have records of the user's visit, and anything downloaded from those sites (including cookies, in some cases) will remain. Firefox also said something like that only. On mobile phones there is even less privacy protection in incongnito mode as compared to computers.

Myth 5 -The only way to speed up a PC is to format hard disk and reinstall the OS

Sometimes re-installing Windows does improve PC speed, but it is not the only and also the best way of speeding up your computer as it takes a lot of time in reinstalling OS as well as all the necessary softwares. . Instead of doing this all, you should take care of your PC by the time you buy it. This can be done by having a proper maintenance program . This maintenance should be done without any fault or without deleting your any system file, or else it may affect the working of your computer . So by just using proper maintenance of your PC you can avoid reinstalling OS for speeding up your computer.