Saturday, 31 January 2015

4 ways to know about your website's visitors

After you write your post in your blog/website you need to know how many visitors visit your site, form where they visit, which device they use, which OS they use, which browser they use ,etc. All these details allow you to make your post even better than before
. After knowing about your audience you can prepare your post for that specific post and make your visitors as returning visitors and to make a good publicity of your blog/website. There are many ways to track website's stats. But below are the 4 best ways to do that.

Stats Counter

 I have my self tried using stats counter for my blogs and other websites. I myself found it very helpful and thus it is at the top of this list of the best. It has a list of feature that you can use. These features will help you to have a detailed report of your blog/website . You can know almost everything about your website's visitor. This helps you to know which are your audience, what type of browser, OS, devices they use,etc. All these details will help you improve your website's visitors. It has keyword analysis, exit link, entry link, recent visitors map,total visitors map and a lot of features that are really worth to use.


Clicky is another tool rather a great tool for knowing about your website's visitors. It has 2 modes or plans that are free plan and premium plan. However free plan too have very good working features. So if we start with dashboard it gives us a good summary the basics of visitors, links, content, traffic sources , searches , locale, etc. However you can get detailed report of any of them. This clicky like stats counter also allows you to know about the keywords of your website that are being searched and the links from where people came to visit your site. This also gives a good graphical representation of the data.

Google analytics 

Google analytics as the name suggest is another powerful tool by google. Which is alos a good way to know about visitors of your website.It tells you a varitey of useful things about your visitors that is your website's visitors. It has a lot of features that  tells you about audience like data and reporting, flow visualisation, map overlay, social reports, mobile traffics, traffic sources, etc. These feature again help you to understand your audience.

whos amung us

Whos among us, quite good name, which suggest who among us has visited !! This site has a lot of great features in pro account login. But for free users, there are a limited features and some less features as compared to pro accounts. The free users are provided with visitors world map, devices used by the visitor, history of the visits, and the time of the current online visitor. You don,t need to login for this, but just simply grab the code of the tracking button into your website and then tracking starts. It also allows your visitors to see the stats of your website's visitors.

So it is upon you that among the above mentioned websites which one you chose for tracking the visitors of your website.