Saturday, 13 December 2014

Learn mixing songs with virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a very good DJing software as it has a lot of function which are very creative. Many people use virtual DJ for mixing songs. Some professional DJs too !! So if you ever want to DJ then you must use virtual DJ as it is easy to use for beginners
. So first of all you need to know how the virtual DJ interface looks , what functions it has and what the functions it has do and how they can be used properly. Then step by step you will be able to mix your songs very fluently and so nicely. So mixing song is easy but making it sound nice is the deal. So below listed are some of the functions of virtual DJ, but it has many more !!

Easy to use interface
Multiple Decks
Better inputs and outputs
Various themes with various resolutions
Record your song function

There are many more functions than these

To learn mixing songs with virtual DJ you need to check out some tutorials.

VDJ tutorial part 1
VDJ tutorial part 2
VDJ tutorial part 3
VDJ tutorial part 4
VDJ tutorial part 5

All these five videos are available in the video section or you can click here to check out these videos.

With these videos you can learn mixing songs with virtual DJ. However some more tutorials of VDJ will be coming soon.