Saturday, 20 December 2014

How to add a widget below first post in blogger

This is post that will  help you learn How to add a widget below first post in blogger. You might have seen as by your experience of blogging that you can add gadgets to some places only where blogger allows you to like layout, below pages,etc. But you can't simply put that on your blog where ever you want.

So you just have to do some hacks in the template of your blog or u can say you just have to add some code in your blog's template to add a widget below first post in blogger.So here is how you can do this.

  1. Open your blog in blogger
  2. In the blogger dashboard click on template option in left side. This will open a template editor.

  3. Now click anywhere inside the template editor (just to put your cursor inside it) And then press CTRL + F . So a search box will appear.
  4. In the search box search the following
  5. Once you find that line, Just below it add the following code

  6. In the code which you have added, replace element coding with the code of element that you want to add to the first post in blogger.
  7. Click save template option.

  8. Then preview your blog and check out your widget below the first post in blogger.