Saturday, 11 October 2014

How to speed up android phone

Android smartphones are now of great use for every work . Listening to music, playing games, internet, facebook , whatsapp,etc . However you all know that androids are of great use but they too slow up after
some time. So can we have some magic to make it normal and speed up android ? well, we have no magic but some really simple steps to help anyone to speed up android phone. This tips to speed up android smartphones are discussed below in brief.

Clear app cache

When you use apps in your mobile then that apps stores some data or files in your android so that next time when you go to that app or start that app your app will start faster due to the saved file.But when these files goes on storing and only storing , the space or memory available in your android devices is used up by these cache files which slows your android phone.Thus clearing this files will speed up your android, to do so what you can do is that you can open settings of every individual app and then find the option of clear cache and in some time the cache will be cleared.If you are finding it difficult to do it manually for each and every single app then you can download app cache cleaner and install it and simply you can clear cache of all apps. So you need to clear cache in some regular intervals like 3-4days.

Disable or uninstall unused applications

Android are used by many people and also each android is having many apps in it.But having many apps increases the files in mobile,decreases memory in android, decreases ram usage and all this things lead to again slowing of android . So it doesn't means that you should uninstall all the apps in your android but what it means is that you need to install all unused applications from your android in order to decrease files in mobile, increase memory in android,decrease ram usage and all things thing leads to speeding up of your android device.

Checkout the internal memory of your android device

If your android phone has a low internal memory then your android is likely to lag very much that is it will work very slow. To take care of this factor all you need to do is that move all of the media, apps, files , contacts ,etc to SD card of your android instead of the internal memory of your android device. This will stop the hanging or slowing up of your android device.

Make use of Play store or app store

Although play store is used by people commonly for downloading apps and games for entertairment . It can also be used for downloading few apps that are useful for increasing the performance that is the speed of your android device.Downloading antivirus which is compatible with your android device will help to stay protected from viruses. A start up manager will help you manage the apps at startup.Also a autotask killer will help to end the apps that have hanged your android device.

Background Apps

Some apps start up with the phone, while others are constantly synching with online services.  But the apps that work in background continues to use networks of your device like bluetooth, wifi,etc  and this results in slow processing on other apps. So the background apps should be closed. To do so go to settings , then app section in settings , switch to running tab . There a list of all the running apps. At there if you find any apps that are not used by you and that apps are running in background, using networks of android, then you should close it.