Sunday, 10 August 2014

How to get more followers on twitter

 There are many social sites on internet. Like facebook, google plus, twitter,etc But for bussiness purpose commonly twitter is used. Because of the reason it has a some unique named features like tweet, follow, followers, following,etc . However following is an common activity on twitter. Everyone wants to get more and more twitter followers. Because if you have more twitter followers then your bussiness or twitter account will be seen by many people, so here are some easy tips on How to get more followers on twitter

Becoming active

  1. Complete your profile -

    This is a easy thing to do that is to make sure that your profile is full it has an profile picture followed by a cover photo , also write a good and interesting bio about you. Many people read your bio and watch your profile picture before following you. So if they like your bio and profile picture then only they proceed. Writing a energetic , prideful bio is appropriate to get more followers on twitter.While choosing your profile picture remember not to take a funny picture at funny angles just try to take a simple pic or if you have your own business then you can put that logo , its too fine.
  2. Tweet often and interesting-

    It is important to remain active on twitter. Being active on twitter does not means just being online on twitter .Being active on twitter means that tweeting often because nobody wants to follow a person who is so boring and unactive on twitter that is one who does not posts often.Also while you tweet on twitter make sure that the time you are posting that time is suitable for tweeting because if you are tweeting when others are busy at work or sleeping then your tweet is of no use.While tweeting make your tweet interesting, something that will take the attention of people.
  3. Use the master tag the #tag -

     Well i call master tag to #tag on twitter because on twitter whenever you post a tweet that is when you tweet something then you should use # . This makes your tweets famous and popular on twitter. It is just like a bookmark, like if someone searches match in search box and if the tweet that you have tweeted has #search then your tweet will appear under the search. Hence # are important. Also make correct use of # tags. Don't use it many times in a single tweet. Just 2-3 times in a single tweet.

Following and unfollowing

  1. Follow people -

     On facebook we make friends commonly or you can say mostly but on twitter the common activity is following people. To get more followers on twitter you should follow other people that you like to follow , so that people in return when they will know that you have followed them then they will also follow you. Also if other people who are following you then you should also try to follow them because if you don't there are chances that some of them may unfollow you if you don't follow them.
  2. Unfollowing -

    Well it sounds that why to unfollow someone to get more followers on twitter. But in twitter their is a limit to follow. That is you cannot follow more than 2000 users . So if you want to follow anyone else who have followed you on twitter and your following limit is over then what ? so the solution to this is that you should regularly unfollow people who are not following you. So in that way your limit will be reduced and you will be able to follow again.


  1. Send people towards your twitter account - Well there are many ways to send people towards your twitter accounts. Like while on twitter tweet something like - follow me on twitter at - url of your twitter account. While you are on other social sites like facebook,google plus, instagramm,etc then on that social sites post the same thing to bring people to your twitter account.Also you can email your friends to follow you on twitter.
  2. Let people retweet you -

     Retweet means "re-posting of someone else's Tweet. Twitter's Retweet feature helps you and others quickly share that Tweet with all of your followers."So if people will retweet your tweets then that tweet will be seen by the followers of that person who retweeted your tweet , so this will directly increase your visibility on twitter. At the end of tweet write "please retweet" so that people should remember to retweet your tweet !!
  3. Repeat the populars - By saying "Repeat populars" i mean to repeat the popular tweets that you have posted in twitter in past time.Do a search in twitter that which of the tweets posted by you are retweeted most or have the most number of replies and then repeat that all tweets. There is a simple logic behind this that if some people have missed that tweets then they will also be able to read it and retweet it or reply it.

    So using the tips above step by step, will help you to get more followers on twitter in a very short time.