Saturday, 23 August 2014

How to easily identify fake facebook account

Facebook is good if you use it for a good purpose or correct purpose but fake Facebook Accounts is Proving out to be a new Trend on Facebook. Fake accounts on Facebook are  mainly Created with an intention to Spam all over Facebook and Spread Virus. But facebook is a website which is designed by some webmasters it cannot do things on itself, it can only do things for which it is programmed. So facebook cannot identify all the fake accounts in it and delete it manually. Fake account are used for spamming, also people disguse to be as another man. We should not accept friend request from fake facebook ids because that can be dangerous. But how can we identify which fb account is fake and which is genuine.So here are some quick tips explained below on how to identify fake facebook accounts.

  1. Check the profile picture -

     In facebook profile picture is part of facebook profile.But genreally fake facebook account do have a profile picture like a simple background or at times they don't have even a profile picture because they want the facebook to know as a specific person. So such a profile is and example of fake profile.
  2. More investigation that is check temline -

    When you create a facebook profile you are asked to fill basic information like  birthdate , address, mobile phone,etc. Check if the number of mobile, birthday, address are correct as of your friend or not.

    Also in temline if you find only a few pictures like two or three pictures only then there are 95% chances that the fb profile is fake. But however there are some people who don;t want to upload much images of them.

    In temline check the about section of the porfile and check if you see something unusual about that profile for example if your friend likes football and in the about section of the profile there someone mentioned i don't like football. Then you know it is a fake profile.
  3. Check friend list - In the friend list of that profile you should check if there are some friends that are mitual friends. If you find so then you can trust that account but only 50 - 60% because if your friends have accepted his friend request without checking anything then you can't trust that fb account.
So the cases of making of fake accounts on facebook is increasing day by day. But we can't stop it but we can get protection against it using the tips given above. It is always recommended that not to accept friend request on facebook from strangers