Sunday, 27 July 2014

How to save battery power of android

Android consists of many apps, games, features , functions and internet activities,etc that attracts our attention and thus involves us more in it. As a result of much usage many things can happen, life of battery can be decreased . Decreasing batter at times is ridiculous when you are somewhere outside , doing some interesting work like playing games or surfing on internet then you feel very irritating if battery is low. Also it is seen that many times during making urgent calls you have low battery and you cannot make important calls.So you need to save your android phone's battery, so Tech Trick Zone brings you the post on How to save battery power of android.

Reduce battery usage due to connections
  1. Turn off the bluetooth device when not needed -

     To do so go to settings > wireless controls > bluetooth. Then you will find a bluetooth option at there and turn it off. If bluetooth is left on ,then it continues to search for mobile to connect to other mobiles which uses some of the battery.
  2. Turn off GPS - Go to settings > security and location > GPS satellities . You should turn off GPS when not in use because as bluetooth do the same is done by GPS. Even though if it is left on then also it continues to search for satellites and thus it wastes battery of your android phone.
  3. Turn off wireless feature when not in use -

     go to settings > wireless controls > wifi , then turn it off if it is not in use currently because if it is left on though it is not in use then that continues to search for the wifi devices available near to it everytime. So it is good to turn it off when not in use else it will use up batter.
Adjusting the display power of android

  1. Use dark background for wallpapers - When you are applying a wallpaper for your android phone then remember to chose a dark background specially black color background because if the color are darkness then the brightness automatically looks like to be decreased whereas in light colors the screen needs much power due to the bright background wallpaper.
  2. Reduce timeout time -

     Go to settings > display settings > Screen timeout and try to reduce it to the shortest length that you want, there is an simple reason behind that, if the screen is left active for long time then we know it is gonna use longer battery as compared to when it is kept unactive that is when the screen is locked.
  3.  Decrease Brightness -

    Go to settings > display > brightness , and make the slider slide towards left to a little extent if you are able to adjust with that brightness then well & good but if not then slide it towards right a little bit. Reducing the brightness displays the amount of power your android's display is using that will again help you to save your android phone's battery.

Some more useful tips

  1. Use some third party apps -

    Thirds party apps are easy to use , just with some few taps or clicks you can optimize your mobiles visualisation for saving your android phone's battery. Just instead of doing all of that stuff manually that third party app lets you save your android battery.
  2.  Shut down unused apps - If you are using someother app or doing some other work currently and if the apps that you used previously are open and are of not use currently then shut down that apps otherwise they use sound, brightness ,RAM ,etc which leads to excessive use of your android phone's battery.
  3. Make correct use of Standby mode -

    Using stand by mode is also useful but however you should not use stand by mode for a short period but if there are some long periods in which your android is not gonna be used they you can use stand by mode.
  4. Using travelling mode - Like standby mode we also have a travelling mode that is genrealy also know as airplane mode, so if you are in flight then you should use this mode.
  5. Find and implement -

    What you need to find is that which app uses the most battery in your android device . To find this go to settings > about phone > battery usage .At there you can see which features , apps or functions are using the battery of your mobile and from there you can start optimizing that factors to save battery of your android phone.