Saturday, 5 July 2014

How to disable text selection in blogger blog

Personalization is not only thing you should do to your blog because saftey is also important. Now saftey doesn't mean that you gonna restrict access to your blog or you are gonna give a password to your blog. In blogging and on internet many duplicate content are found. Some people like to just copy and paste content from your blog to their website or blog. But if you want to protect your content from getting it copied or if you want to stop people from copying content from your site then you are going to need to do two things. First is that you will need to disable text selection in your blog, you will learn how to disable text selection in this post. The second thing you need to do is that Disable right click in your blog, i have posted about how to disable right click in blog in my previous posts.This two things will protect your content from being copied.

  1. Login into your blogger account and open the site in blogger in which you want to disable text selection.
  2. In the left side click on layout option, this will open a layout of your blog.

  3. Click on add a gadget option inside the layout and a window will open which will have different gadgets.

  4. Find HTML/JavaScript gadget in it and click the add button in front of it, a page will open which will have a content box.

  5. In the content box paste the following code.
  6. Click save option. Then in layout click on save arrangement and the text selection will be disabled in your blog.