Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Tips to improve computer speed (in detail)

Computer is very useful these days and specially from past few years because it does the work of storing data , office work and all that very nicely and swiftly. But some times if you are working on some important files or data and suddenly your computer starts slowing, freezing and after some times of slowing it hangs !!  If this happens with anyone then that person will be angry for sure so to
make your computer swift and fast here are some topics discussed below in detail which leads to hanging of your computer and some detailed information on how to fix that topics to make your computer fast and smooth :


  1. Make sure your computer is not in a very very hot sorrunding because when computer starts working as it is a machine it becomes hot and specially after a long time.
  2. Make sure to always use atleast a fan in the room where you are seating in with your laptop so that this will avoid and stop your pc from hanging, slowing, crashing.

Reducing startup programs

Startup as we all now is when we start up pc but what it has to do with the speed of your PC ? well this is very easy to tell. If your PC has more number of applications or software that starts automatically as soon as your PC is started then startup of your PC may slow up and they also slow up your PC. To fix this you can disable unnecessary softwares or applications on startup with the steps below, But do not remove any system process or important or necessary process from it.

  1. In your keyboard press ALT + CTRl + DELETE , this will open task manager

  2. Then switch to start up tab in task manager
  3. Now you will find a list of process which starts on startup of your computer.

  4. Now if you find some unnecessary process or applications in it then click on that process or application and then click end process

Protection from viruses

Viruses as we all know are enemy of us and computer because there are many types of virus like logic bomb, program virus,etc different viruses works differently. Virus increase in number and damages the files in your computer so the programs or software cannot give the best performance due to affection of virus so it is necessary to get protection from viruses
  1. Get a antivirus for your PC which is best compatible with type of operating system you are using.
  2. Keep your antivirus always updated so that your antivirus can protect your PC from the latest viruses also
  3. Scan your PC on regular intervals , so in case if there is a virus in your PC then antivirus will fix it.

Reducing visualization

Visualization means making your PC more attractive that is adding additional animations, transactions and all that while personalising your PC to make your PC look good and creative but this affects your PC's performance so we can reduce this a little to get some better performance from your PC

  1. Right click on my computer
  2. Click on Properties

  3. Click on advance system settings (if you are using windows 8 or 7) or click advanced tab (if you are using windows xp)

  4. Under performance click settings option (this will open performance options)
  5. Now if you want to remove animations fully from your PC select Best performance option and click apply and ok

  6. If you want to yourself customize the visualization then customize it and then click apply and ok

Make use of system tools

When we work on internet , download  files from internet or just keep the internet on then some temporary files get stored in your computer, when they get very much in number your computer gets a bit slowed, another thing is that when you edit, delete , save or create files after some days or time that data becomes fragmented (The file becomes big and spread in various places) so it is necessary to defragment them.
  1. Press WINDOWS KEY + R in your keyboard (run box will open)
  2. Type cleanmgr in it and press enter

  3. Press WINDOWS KEY + R in your keyboard(run box will open)
  4. Type dfrgui (for windows 7 and 8) or defrag (for windows xp) and press ok

  5. This two commands will open disk cleanup and disk defragment 
  6. This is a way to organise the files in your computer properly by defragmenting your disk drives and cleaning up temporary files.
  7. Use this two tools at least once within 10-12 days.

Use third party program for cleaning

IF you are having problem using disk cleanup or if you are thinking that you might not be knowing the correct way to use it then use third party program for cleaning temporary files, in this post i have told about c cleaner which makes cleaning of temporary files very easy.

  1. Download c cleaner
  2. Install it and open it
  3. Click on cleaner tab on left side of c cleaner
  4. Click analyze button and after it is done click run cleaner

  5. After this process is done click on registry tab on left side of c cleaner and click on scan for issues options
  6. After that scanning of issues is done click on fix selected issues. Do this two things of c cleaner once every 8-10 days.

Remove junk

If your computer has more number of files,softwares, applications or programs which you do not use or are not used by you presently , but if they are still installed in your PC they use your computer's memory , space,etc which may be another factor which slows up your computer. So it is better to remove them.

  1. Press WINDOWS KEY + R (this will open run box)
  2. In run box type control appwiz.cpl
  3. Press ok (this will open add/remove program)

  4. Now check if there are any unnecessary programs or softwares which are not useful or not used by you then remove them that is uninstall them. But remember do not remove any important program or softwares from your computer.

Disable aero

In windows 7 , vista and 8 there is a theme called aero which is already installed in your operating system.Aero is just a theme but it has a transparency theme which sometimes slows down your PC so it is better to disable this aero theme and use a simple theme instead of it. In windows 8 this theme is already disabled by default but in windows 7 you need to disable it

  1. Right click on desktop and click personalize (this will open personalization window)
  2. Now in that windows scroll down until you find windows 7 basic and then select it

  3. In vista , in the personalization window , click on window color and appearance
  4. In the next window click Open classic appearance properties for more color options
  5. Now chose windows vista basic and save the changes by clicking apply and ok