Friday, 30 May 2014

How to make a fake virus for april fool

April fool is a day on 1st april when people make everyone fool by doing some funny things, but now here is a technological way to make some one April Fool

  1. Open notepad
  2. Paste the following code in it
  3. X=MsgBox("Torjan has killed your computer!!!",0+48,"Virus")
    X=MsgBox("Do you want to scan the virus ?",4+48,"Virus")
    X=MsgBox("APRIL FOOL",0+48,"Virus")
  4. Save it as my computer.vbs and then right click on it and click properties and give it a icon of my computer
  5. Now when anyone will open it , that person will think its my computer icon and the fake virus will start (this virus is not harmfull)