Thursday, 29 May 2014

How to hide files behind images

In this trick you will learn how to hide files behind images so no one will be able to find your file

  1. Make the file which you want to hide behind image into rar
  2. Open cmd and go to the folder which has image and files to be hidden in cmd
  3. Type this code and press enter
  4. copy /b "imagename.jpg" + "rarfilename.rar" "finalimagename"
  5. Replace - imagename.jpg(the image which will be used to hide files),rarfilename.rar (the files in rar format which you will hide), finalimagename(the name of the new image in which files are hidden)
  6. Now the image will look normal but there are files inside it
How to the files back

  1. Open winrar
  2. Drag the image containing hidden rar file and extract it
  3. The files will be extracted