Saturday, 31 May 2014

15 most common file extensions

As we all know that file extensions are used at the last of file name like ".ext" where ext is extension of file , extension of files are used to determine the type of file for example whether a files is document, text file, audio file, video file, adobe reader file,etc but you must have noticed that there are more than one extension for a single file type for example image there are many extensions for image like .jpg . png . gif ,etc but they
are used for different different types of images. So there are many types of extension but the extensions that are used are very very small that is they don't have much characters (alphabets and numericals).In this post you will know about 15 most common file extensions shown in the table below :

Position Extension File type
1 zip Zip archive
2 pdf PDF document
3 mp3 mp3 audio file
4 jpg JPEG image
5 rar Rar archive
6 exe Executable File
7 wmv Windows Media Video
8 doc Microsoft Word Document
9 avi Audio Video Interleave
10 ppt Microsoft Power Point Presentation
11 mpg MPEG - 1 Video
12 tif Tagged Image file format
13 wav Waveform Audio Format
14 mov Quick time
15 psd Photoshop document